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   After contacting our teams, will promptly notify the proper parties to deliver any information in reguards to your request. For communtication betwen your Pool Boss representitive phone, text, and e-mail are the best options for obtaining any additonal information needed in your desision.
   Meanwhile, a "Pool Boss" will visit you provided a necissary estimation. They wil lead you through the step-by-steop process of ordering, installation, and maintanicne; daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your pool crystal clear with as little effor and coast to you.
   We make the processes as easy as can be for you and your family. we deliver excellent service, provied top quality equipment/supplies/chemicals, and top it off with the professinalism and expertist of a "Pool Boss!"

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  1. Above Ground Swimming Pools
    Here you can find the perfect swimming pool for your family. Offering numerous makes, and modles ranging in a variety of sizes and remaining affordable while maintaining a high standard for quality
  2. Above Ground Liner Sales/Changes
    The high grade vynal liners offered by our company are the highest of qualyity matieral manufactured to date. Longlasting, durrable and resistant against UV, and chemical damnage. You cannot go wrong with GLI
  3. In-Ground Liner Sales/Changes
    The In-ground swimming pool liner replacements we offer are of the highest of quality manufactured to date. The "GLI" liners are treated to resist UV & Chemical danmage. Ensuring your swimming pools fresh look for years beyond other liners on the market.
  4. Leak Detection
    Our experts Our now equipped to detect in-ground plumbing leaks. as well as holes in liners. Some liners are able to be patched right up and it's no big deal. In other instances it better to replace your liner if you've noticed a significant amount of water loss call a boss today!
  5. Opening/Closings
    Our Openings and Closings are some of the highest rated in the bussiness, Our closes are guarneeted to open crystal clear or a vacume on us! As for our openings we go far beyond competitors guaranteeing the cleanliness and proper function of your equipment.
  6. Deck Restoration
    Is your swimming pool deck looking weathered and warped? Pool Boss LLC can fix that! We will remove any sections that need to be fully replaced and reinforce sections that still have life in them. This saves customers tons of money replacing a whole deck. We can also install outside carpeting for customers who want a little more appeal to their yards.

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